Saturday, October 16, 2010

USC Routs Cal 48 to 14

Riley goes 15/29 for 191 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.


haplessbearsfan said...

What is it with Cal's pass defense? Cal defenders NEVER try to disrupt a pass completion. Unless there is pressure on the QB, passing yardage is a given unless the QB falls down or the receiver goes to sleep. Cal defenders consistently play off their man and wait until he catches the ball. Then they "try" to tackle him. There ARE some situations where it would make sense to go for the ball. Look at the film and watch how SC did it!

James Katt said...

That was a fun game to watch.

Cal players were so cocky and rude in beating UCLA. They were showboating.

Cal fans in the stadium and the surrounding areas were also very rude and insulting. So much so that it was shameful to older Cal fans.

It is nice to see L.A.'s other team beat Cal to the ground the same way Cal beat UCLA. It is Cal's comeuppance.

Cal's players probably entered the game with the same attitude UCLA's players had at the Cal game. What losers they are.