Monday, October 11, 2010

Oakland Tribune: Tedford Unhappy with Riley's Performance

Monte Poole

Jeff Tedford entered the postgame news conference and made no attempt to conceal his mixed emotions.  The Cal coach was pleased with his running game, especially junior Shane Vereen (151 yards on 25 carries), and delighted with the Golden Bears' defense, which set the tone for the 35-7 trouncing of UCLA on Saturday at Memorial Stadium.  Eventually, though, Tedford zeroed in on the pass offense and lit into it about as fiercely as he ever has.

"We need to throw the ball better," he said dryly.  Tedford said this, in a variety of ways, no fewer than four times. Each time, his eyes would narrow and his jaw would tighten ever so slightly. As much he accepted this victory, he could not hide his discontent with the aspect of football he enjoys more than any other.

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