Friday, October 01, 2010

SF Chronicle: Conte Settles in at Strong Safety for Cal

John Crumpacker


After playing what might have been the best game of his Cal football career, safety Chris Conte is on a roll. Literally.

There he was, slowly rolling along the length of the artificial turf field of Memorial Stadium the other day, the plastic playing surface even hotter than normal on a 90-degree afternoon.  It was postpractice punishment for being late at the start, a fact Conte disputed by saying, "Coach (Jeff) Tedford didn't like seeing us (defensive backs) coming down the stairs late. I personally don't think I was late. I made it onto the field before the first horn."  Upon completion of the punitive 100-yard roll, Conte was drenched in sweat, making it easier for those annoying black rubber granules embedded in the turf to stick to his skin. Not a pretty sight, especially for Conte.

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