Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Random Update from Blog Editor

You’ll no doubt be watching your Tivo’d recording of the 2007 Cal-USC game for years to come, and now you can watch it in style with your very own game worn uniform. I suggest that you purchase Nate Longshore’s uniform and helmet. You can wear it while watching the game, wildly throwing nerf footballs to your kids. You can access the auction here. No word yet on how they’ll dispose of the uniforms worn against UCLA, Oregon State, or Arizona State.

The Daily Cal reports that 24 year old tree sitter Nathaniel Hill (note that “student” was omitted from his description) fell from a tree and broke his right wrist and right leg. Zachary RunningToilet blamed UC, stating “It’s a systemic problem of the UCPD hassling us and keeping us up at night,” RunningWolf said. “We’ve also had to extend ropes across two fences.” Apparently violating a court order has nothing to do with the fall.

A decision on the Memorial Stadium lawsuit is expected this week.


Anonymous said...

You mean I too can throw game-ending 4th quarter picks? Or at least be dressed to do so?

Anonymous said...

The tree people are dropping down like the fall leaves. Wonderful.