Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bear Insider: The Longshore Question

Some Cal fans have recently argued that redshirt freshman quarterback Kevin Riley should be given playing time in upcoming games - ahead of Nate Longshore - after the series of defeats Cal  has suffered - and after Riley's good performance when he played against Oregon State. Writer Ted Lee has carefully analyzed the performance data available on both Longshore and Riley, and presented his analysis and conclusions in a front page story just published on the Bear Insider website.  You can read the story here.



Anonymous said...

This penetrating analysis notwithstanding, people who go to the games can see that Longshore is not mobile since he was injured and this effects his play.
Also, Coach Tedford is simply too conservative--everyone in the stadium (including the defense) often knows what's coming and it's almost always predictable.
The opposition has simply figured Cal and Coach Tedford out--that's why they went 5-0 the first five games and 1-4 the last five games.
It's time for change and innovation or there will be no victories against Washington and Stanford.

Anonymous said...

Um, since when does fan intuition beat data? Oh, wait: it always does in the vacant minds of fans.

I'm not thrilled with performance (pretty pissed, actually), but that doesn't make just-so stories any more plausible.

I applaud the analysis, and thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

The analysis is a very in depth look at the current status of the quarterback situation. Longshore does have quite a bit of talent but is far too inconsistent to progress any further in the football world. Riley on the other hand showed quite a bit of promise especially considering it was his first D1A start. This season is likely headed for El Paso, so I would be a proponent of letting Riley take the remaining game snaps to even the playing field during the off season so that a fair and honest assessment can be made to determine the starter next year.