Sunday, April 18, 2010

SF Examiner: Offense finds plenty of success on Cal Day

The Alabama Crimson Tide drew over 91,000 fans for their annual A-Day -- the Golden Bears may have drawn 91 Saturday. I may be underestimating that figure, but I think you get the point.  Despite the fact that Cal's one and only public practice of the spring didn't bring Bear Backers into Memorial Stadium in bunches, the squad was able to put on a good show for those that did attend.  There was very little Shane Vereen or Mike Mohamed, no Mitchell Schwartz or Darian Hagan, but there was quite a bit of Kevin Riley and Beau Sweeney slinging passes and handing off to the likes of Isi Sofele.

Cal's offense played much better on the day, but they still suffered through a few fumbles. There were two fumbles on the snap and one fumble on a hand off exchange, but those mistakes happen when you have different players working together in order to give the coaching staff good looks at everyone.

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