Sunday, April 18, 2010

Contra Costa Times: Cal receiver from Saratoga gaining popularity as rapper

Line up all 94 players on Cal's spring roster, and Alex Lagemann would be one of the last ones pegged as a budding rapper.  The wide receiver from upper-class Saratoga can't exactly freestyle about the rough streets of the inner city or the problems facing the underprivileged.  But what the 20-year-old does have is a flair for the creative, and he has parlayed it into a growing sensation on college campuses on the West Coast. Lagemann raps about the life he knows under the name of "Loggy."

"When you hear about a rapper, you don't really picture a dude like me," Lagemann said. "If I were coming out talking about having a gun in my pocket, people would be like, 'Dude, are you kidding me?' But I'm talking about riding a beach cruiser on spring break, stuff that I actually do. So as long as I'm being truthful and real, I think it's fine."

Lagemann, a Pacific-10 Conference all-academic first-team selection last season, was simply a creative, industrious college kid doing something he enjoys in his free time. But in just a few months, Loggy has become a rising star in the college community. In January, he released a mixtape called "Up All Night," which he recorded using a simple Web site on his laptop. He put it on his social networking pages and asked his friends to spread the word. In five days, the mixtape had been downloaded 2,000 times.

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Note from blogger: Here’s a link to “We Run LA Remix” on Youtube, where you can find this lyric: “Yeah I smoke weed but I never do blow.” 

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