Monday, January 18, 2010

SF Examiner: Tedford goes to Michigan to replace fired Alamar

Rob Calonge

After letting Pete Alamar go after the season, Coach Jeff Tedford conducted a national search for a replacement to coach both the tight ends and special teams for 2010. Today, Cal announced that the search is over.  Former Eastern Michigan head coach Jeff Genyk has been hired to improve upon a special teams unit that was a major disappointment in 2009. Genyk will also fill the same role as Alamar did by coaching the tight ends as well.

In a released statement, Tedford was quoted as saying, "We are excited about bringing in an experienced coach with Jeff's high level of expertise, energy and passion." In the same statement, Genyk stated, "I will work relentlessly to do everything I can to help the program continue to be successful and reach an even higher level."

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Anonymous said...

Good. Maybe our opponents can start on the twenty yard line or less.

Anonymous said...

I am happy about a new coach however, this will not change the fact that Tedford has not recruited at the kicker position and the skill and talent is not there to boot the ball down field. Without a good kicker there is not enough time for the coverage to get down field and break up the wedge and get to the returner.