Monday, January 11, 2010

SF Examiner: Going pro is Best for both Cal and Jahvid

Few were surprised and practically all Bear Backers were disappointed that Jahvid Best chose to forgo his senior season at Berkeley and head for the NFL. He'll likely be a first-round selection, but whether or not he'll move into the top five of the draft is yet to be determined.  Should Best move into the top five of the NFL draft, he could end up calling St. Louis, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Washington, or Kansas City home for next season. Of the five teams drafting in the top five this year, Detroit, Washington, or Kansas City are the most likely destinations for the former Cal Bear.

No matter where Best goes in the first round, just getting drafted in the NFL's premier prime-time slot will guarantee Best enough money to BUY over 100 Cal Berkeley tuitions. And that's just for the life of his first contract.  Education is important, so if Best was slated to be a second-round pick, I might have a different take on his situation, but with the amount of money he's about to make, his innocent baby-faced smile, and his incredible athletic ability, it's a no-brainer for the future Wheaties-box hero. Not only will he be making money off his initial NFL contract, if he shows an inkling of the promise he's shown at Cal in his rookie season, he'll become the new face of the NFL. Clean living, talent, and good looks has a way of doing that for a player...and it also helps that unlike other NFL stars, he doesn't struggle with the English language.

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