Monday, November 02, 2009

SF Examiner: #20 Cal Bears move up the BCS standings

Rob Calonge

Cal is ranked in the BCS standings for the second straight week--mostly due to the high ranking of both #8 Oregon and #12 USC. The computers don't take into account scoring margin, so it's just as if the Bears lost by a point to both teams.

While we all know better than the computers, it appears that Oregon's lopsided victory over USC has given the coaches a little more understanding to Cal's loss in Autzen. The USA Today Coaches' Poll ranks Cal at No. 23. The AP seems to also feel the same way, as Cal returned to that poll with the same ranking--No. 23.

The last time Cal was ranked in either poll, they were getting ready for their 30-3 loss to USC at home. After narrowly defeating Arizona State 23-21 on the road, it would seem that all is forgiven--for now. They still have the challenge of beating Oregon State, #21 Arizona, Stanford, and Washington.

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