Friday, November 20, 2009

SF Chronicle: Cardinal offensive line puts blue collar on

Tom Fitzgerald


The Buffalo Bills used to have the Electric Company because they turned on the Juice, O.J. Simpson. The Washington Redskins once had the Hogs. In the 1920s and '30s, Fordham had the Seven Blocks of Granite.  Often it takes a catchy nickname to get an offensive line some credit. Otherwise, the linemen spend entire careers anonymously banging heads with other big guys while quarterbacks and running backs revel in glory. In today's 112th Big Game, all eyes will be on Stanford's record-breaking tailback, Toby Gerhart. His tackle-breaking power is the big reason the Cardinal are favored over Cal for a change. But whatever holes the Heisman Trophy candidate finds will be those created by an offensive line that has dubbed itself the Tunnel Workers Union. OK, it burrows tunnels for Gerhart and all that, but the nickname fits the blue-collar style espoused by coach Jim Harbaugh.

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