Thursday, July 31, 2008

SF Chronicle: QB issues pervasive in preseason



Stanford, Cal and San Jose State quarterback competitions: Stanford should have a starting quarterback within a week, which makes the first few days of competition between Tavita Pritchard and Alex Loukas critical.

It might not be as intense at Cal because Jeff Tedford expects to play both Nate Longshore and Kevin Riley in the first few games. There is a distinct difference between the two: Longshore is more likely to go through all his reads, maybe looking at three or four possible receivers, before giving up on a play. Riley is more apt to look only at his primary receiver and perhaps a secondary receiver before taking off running.

Cal started the 2003 season with Reggie Robertson and Aaron Rodgers sharing the quarterback duties, and Rodgers did not get his first start until the fifth game. The Bears finished 8-6 and won five of their final six games.

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