Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jonathan Okanes' Thoughts on Depth Chart


Cal released what presumably will be the depth chart at the start of training camp. There are few surprises. One interesting area to follow is the offensive line. Mark Boskovich is listed as the first-team left guard, but Richard Fisher was getting the first team reps at the end of spring practice. Also, Chet Teofilo is listed as the starter at right tackle, but that isn’t set in stone. The Bears have several quality young offensive linemen who could challenge for playing time.


You’ll also notice that Cal lists 12 positions on defense, with four defensive linemen and four linebackers. That’s because, although defensive coordinator Bob Gregory has fallen short of making an official announcement, the Bears look like they’re going to use the 3-4 as their base defense this season. So there are four linebackers listed. But there still are four linemen listed because, officially, the Bears still are a 4-3 team. On Aug. 30 against Michigan State, the starting defensive line likely will have Rulon Davis and Tyson Alualu on the ends with either Mika Kane or Derrick Hill at nose guard. The four linebackers listed on the depth chart should play behind them, and the starting secondary listed looks pretty stable as well.

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