Friday, March 23, 2007 Jackson proving to be a money player for Cal

By Olin Buchanan

It was in DeSean Jackson's fourth year that close observers saw he could develop into a premier receiver.  Not his fourth year at Long Beach (Calif.) Poly High School, when Jackson was rated a five-star prospect by  Just in his fourth year.  "When I was growing up, living in Hollywood, my brother picked up a football and threw it to me and I caught it," said Jackson, who now stars as a 6-foot, 170-pound receiver for the University of California. "I was about 4. From that day on, I was catching the ball."

Byron Jackson, a former San Jose State receiver who spent two seasons on the Kansas City Chiefs developmental squad, is 18 years older than his DeSean. Byron remembers the story a little differently.  "We had a Nerf football and I would throw it high in the air and DeSean always dropped it," Byron said. "One day I said, 'If you catch it I'll give you five dollars.' And he caught it. It seemed like every time I put money on the table – every time – he caught it."

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