Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AP: Ainge Will Have Surgery On Injured Knee on Monday

(Note: Ainge is Tennessee’s quarterback, who Cal will be playing at our season opener)


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge will have surgery next week on his right knee to repair or remove torn cartilage.  Ainge is out for spring practice, which began Feb. 22 and ends March 31.  The doctors will determine how to correct the problem once they begin surgery. Their choices are to remove his meniscus or repair it. Removal would mean a shorter recovery time of four to six weeks while recovery from a repair would take between eight to 12 weeks but be "better for his long-term mobility," officials said.  The surgery is scheduled for Monday.

"I'm just glad we are able to take care of it," coach Phillip Fulmer said Wednesday in a news release. "It's another advantage of starting spring as early as we started it because it gives us plenty of recovery time."  Ainge, who will be a senior this fall, set the school's single-season record for completion percentage last season at 67 percent, going 233-of-348 for 2,989 yards with 19 touchdowns and nine interceptions.  The damage in his knee was discovered last week in an MRI.


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Anonymous said...

I hope he is healthy when the bears play them this year, i want no excuses from the lady vols!