Monday, May 10, 2010

Press Conference Highlights

There’s a possibility in October that Cal will lose “a game or two” in October 2011 if the Giants make the post season.  Cal will play at least 6 games at AT&T Park.

The park will hold only 45,000 fans.

Transforming the field to a football field can be done in 24 hours (based on their experience with the XFL).

Cal chose AT&T Park over Candlestick and the Coliseum because AT&T Park has the proximity, ease of transportation, and “fabulous amenities,” making it the clear choice.

The major change from the Emerald Bowl will be that the teams will NOT share sidelines.  Some bleachers will be added.  There will be more space between the end zone and the wall.

Even though there will be much fewer seats, the 45,000 will accommodate current season ticket holders.  Visiting team allotments will be significantly reduced, as will special promotions.

Tedford has no concerns about the locker room situation (it was designed for a baseball team). When they played in the Emerald Bowl it did not feel cramped.

Cal has been working with all three venues for the last 3 or 4 months.

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