Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cal Working on Game Against Fresno State

David Bataller of the KFSN (Fresno) News Team writes

“It's been almost a decade since Fresno State and Cal have locked horns on the gridiron, a game won by the Bulldogs, 17-3, back in 2000. But according to Cal head coach Jeff Tedford, the rivalry could be renewed sooner than later.  "We're trying to work on a game actually right now for the 2011 season," said Tedford. "So hopefully that comes together. I think it would be a great game. I have great respect for the Fresno State program and with what Pat Hill's done with this program. It'd be a great game for both fans at a remote site so we're working on that right now and hopefully it comes together."  Speaking at a Cal fundraising party in central Fresno Tuesday evening, the former Bulldog quarterback said he's doing what he can to get a game scheduled between his current employers, and his beloved alma mater.  "I love the people here and it will always be near and dear to my heart being in Fresno," Tedford said. "Hopefully we can get this game together and get it done."  And Coach Tedford has the full backing of his athletic director, Sandy Barbour.  "We've been working on it for a couple years," Barbour said. "So it's something that definitely will happen. It's just what particular year that will happen and what time that remains to be seen."  Like most Red Wavers, Barbour sees plenty of positives in a Golden Bear-Bulldog matchup, either in our valley, or in the East Bay.  "I think from the standpoint of playing in the bay area," said Barbour, "we know that they will travel and bring fans to the area. And I think it would be a great college football game." And that's music to Bulldog fans' ears.”

Note to Cal Fans: Don’t wear shirts that say “My Maid Went to Fresno State.”  That really pissed off the Bull Dogs back in 1992 against USC.

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