Monday, February 07, 2011

SF Examiner: Tedford to Focus on Coaching Cal QBs Again: 6 QBs Competing

Jake Curtis
Head coach Jeff Tedford will return to focusing his coaching attention on the quarterback position this spring, hoping to rebuild a position that has let the team down the past two season.
“Yes, it’s going to be like the old days where I’m with them every single day,” Tedford said Wednesday. That was the approach Tedford used through his first six years at Cal, acting as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach while letting position coaches handle other aspects of the team. The past three years, though, Tedford took a different approach, trying to oversee the team as a whole and turning over many of specific coaching chores to position coaches. Andy Ludwig was the quarterbacks coach the past two seasons, and while Tedford still took part in coaching the quarterbacks, he was not nearly as actively involved with them as he had been.
That’s over. Tedford will serve as quarterbacks coach. Period. Tedford hasn’t been calling all the offensive plays for the past few years either, as he had for the first several years at Cal, and he hinted he may go back to calling the plays in 2011, too. No one on the staff has the official title of quarterbacks coach now. Jim Michalczik will return as the Bears’ offensive line coach, but, contrary to recent reports, Michalczik will not hold the title of offensive coordinator, Tedford said. Tedford did not reveal exactly what titles people will carry, but it’s another indication Tedford will take a more active role in the offensive in general and the quarterback position in particularly. Eric Kiesau holds the title of passing game coordinator, so perhaps Michalczik will be named running-game coordinator.
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