Friday, March 26, 2010

Websites for Youth Sports Teams

I’m the assistant coach for the El Dorado Hills A’s, tee ball division.  I thought it would be cool to have a website where the team contact information is stored.  When I went to find a good website service I was surprised at how many are there. After much due diligence, I settled on 

Once you enter the team roster, you then send an email blast out and the parents then fill in the contact information.  You can track practice and game schedules, player availability, store photos, and even track who is bringing refreshments.  The basic service is free, with more functionality costing around $7 a month.  It’s much more efficient that tracking things via email.  You can have a free trial by clicking the link below.  Once your trial ends, you’ll still have basic functionality.  If you use the link I get a discount on our team page. You’ll also get 10% off for one year.   Sorry for the non-cal post, but it’s slow right now.  Go A’s!

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