Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SF Chronicle: Cal will not bring back special teams assistant


California will not bring back special teams coordinator and tight ends coach Pete Alamar next season.

Coach Jeff Tedford announced in a statement Monday that Alamar's contract would not be renewed. A search for his replacement will begin immediately.  Alamar finished his seventh season at Cal. The Golden Bears finished the season 8-5, losing the Poinsettia Bowl to Utah last week 37-27.

Here are some of the comments from

Goodbye Pete, and good luck.  Thanks be to God!

Yea. It was obviously the special teams coach that sent Cal into oblivion.

Just don't even consider letting go the architect of that universally feared down-the-line screen. Someday that play will work.

Good luck Coach Alomar! I'm sure you'll land somewhere really good, like maybe the forty yard line of the receiving team.

I disagree with those people who think that Cal has lots of holes to fill. Here is my short list of very pressing needs:

Get rid of the special teams coach: CHECK

Get rid of the special teams: To do

Get a new offensive line coach: To do

Get an offensive line that can keep the opposition out of the QB's face for more than three seconds

Find new DB's.

Find new DB's coach

Find receivers that can catch balls that hit them in the numbers

Find receivers that can run on those few occasions that they actually catch the ball.

Ditch the 3-4 scheme. It should have gone with Desmond Bishop.

By all means keep the QB. People were screaming that He was the Savior, so save away, baby.

Please drop the "We're like Oregon!" riff. You're not, and that's generally to your credit.

Please, please please get rid of those fonky uniforms! They suck! But then, 40% of the time so do you, so maybe just wear them when you play Oregon, 'SC, UW and OSU. Otherwise, blue jerseys and gold pants work fine. Go Bears!

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Anonymous said...

Save the QB....are you kidding? More often than not I left the games so frustrated. I've watched Pop Warner games with better QB's. Yes O line does needs some help a bit more but the QB couldn't hit his target if the D line sat down. Sad to say if he had 1 good pass a qtr I knew that was it. He only gets one. Sorry but even his name puts me in a rage so I will just refer to him as QB for now.