Friday, February 15, 2008

Tedford Comments at Sacramento Grid Club Event

There’s an interesting post on the bear insider site by an attendee at the recent Sacramento Grid Club’s Tiny Bates banquet. You can read the entire post here. Per the poster, Tedford said that he feels the team chemistry is the best he has ever witnessed, that the young guys really want to step up, that we may see freshmen playing wide receiver this year and that Best's hip seems to be progressing well. He also said that Schneider probably won't be granted another year of eligibility, that Boateng will play in the Spring and that he really wants to concentrate more on being a head coach who deals with all the units rather than just the offense.

He also indicated that the Bears might utilize a 3-4 defense, that the delay in the Stadium project is bad and that it is beginning to erode credibility during recruiting. The poster felt that Tedford seems to be excited about the current team and coaching it. On the down side the general impression in the room was that he is sticking with Longshore, saying that he was unfairly criticized, and that other than the rollout plays, Longshore could have done everything Riley did in the Air Force game. He felt fans need to stand behind Nate and help build his confidence back up. He did, however, confirm that the QB spot will be open in the Spring.


Anonymous said...

Great. Longshore. Fucking great.. :-(

Anonymous said...

I feel like a complete composite of what I've heard everyone else say about the quarterback situation for the Bears. Which, in the balance, means I sure hope Riley and Mansion get open shots. I share the common sentiment that despite questioning Tedford's refusal to bench Nate last season, he still knows one billion percent more about it than I do.

Ending this season the way it did makes me all the more hungry to get started next year. Then again, am I ever not hungry for the football season? Go Bears!

Anonymous said...

I was not enough for Tedford to lose top recruits for being a stubborn jack@$$...Longshore is not half the QB Riley is.

F'ing Tedford!