Friday, May 27, 2005

Various USC Stuff: Trojan Rapist and Drug Dealer

USC's Leinart Throws for First Time Since Surgery
USC quarterback Matt Leinart threw footballs for the first time since January elbow surgery and reported no pain, his father, Bob, said Wednesday."He didn't have any problems," said Steve Clarkson, Leinart's personal coach. "I was a little surprised. He was ready to go."
(Note from editor: "A little surpised", huh? I thought he was ready to go pro, but he stayed for the sake of the team? What a bunch of crap.

Running back Chauncey Washington, who was recently deemed academically ineligible for the second consecutive season, is considering a transfer but has not asked USC for his release, Coach Pete Carroll said.Carroll said quarterback Rocky Hinds, who is rumored to be considering a transfer, has not asked for his release.
Suspended Trojan cornerback Eric Wright, who is awaiting a school disciplinary hearing on June 15, said he has not contemplated leaving USC.Wright has been suspended from the team since his arrest in March on suspicion of rape. No sex-related or drug-related charges were filed against Wright because of insufficient evidence, but police found 136 Ecstasy pills in Wright's room at his apartment, according to documents released by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office."There's no doubt in anybody's mind — this is where I want to be," said Wright, who completed the spring semester and is attending summer-session classes.Wright declined to comment when asked about the Ecstasy pills, referring questions related to his case to his attorney.

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