Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cal Contacted Bobby Petrino

According to Yahoo! sports, Cal contacted Bobby Petrino about some sort of coaching position.  The article states "schools such as California and NFL teams such as the Tennessee Titans have asked him to visit with their coaching staffs. He has done so and might continue to, with the hope that someone gives him another chance as a head coach."


Host PPH said...

oh really? I did not know anything about that and I hope that Bobby Petrino can get a job as a coach, he is a good one!

Shahnila Parveen said...

The story hit such a nerve, because many in Brazil are resentful of the money being spent on World Cup preparations, and feel Fifa is trying to dictate how Brazil comes across on the world stage, says Sergio Charlab, of the Twitter-based English-language news service Brazil Character Lab.Test Link

Stand Up Paddle Board said...

All that money to repair the stadium and it really doesn't look any different.

Alex said...

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