Friday, April 01, 2011

Cal Chancellor Says $1 Million More Needed to Reinstate Baseball

Per the Save Cal Baseball Facebook page:
"Remarkably, the Chancellor has not reinstated Cal Baseball today. He said we still need another million dollars before he will do so. Frustration does not begin to explain our sentiment at this time. It took $8 million to reinstate rugby, women’s gymnastics, and women’s lacrosse. We now have over $9 million raised solely for baseball.
We know baseball will be reinstated this year, and without interruption to program, so we must continue to be positive. We’ve raised record funding in a very short period of time and we know we will raise the next $1 million with the same tenacity and determination that we’ve all exhibited thus far."

If you can afford to make a donation, please do so at We are running out of time, as the Pac-12 has a deadline to set schedules for next year. With each delay, Cal baseball loses even more time to recruit for next season. Chancellor Birgeneau is clearly not a fan of college athletics, but let him know what you think by either calling him at 510-642-7464 or emailing him at his official email address,, or his real email address,

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Unknown said...

UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau find $300,000 for lecture by ex michigan governor AND $3,000,000 for consultans to do the WORK of his job and job of his many vice-chancellors.
Money for self-serving consultants but not for student sports.
Is this the leadership that Cal needs during the greatest recession, deficit in modern times?