Monday, January 24, 2011

Wall Street Journal Give Props To Aaron Rodgers

This is from today's Wall Street Journal article about the Packers' win over Chicago:
"For Mr. Rodgers, it’s an opportunity to build a new legacy. After parting with Mr. Favre, who was, er, not quiet ready to retire, Green Bay placed its future in the hands of the late first-round pick from the University of California, Berkeley. Mr. Favre would go on to rinse and repeat with the Jets and the Vikings.  Of all the things Mr. Rodgers did on Sunday, the most impressive may have been in the third quarter when, on the verge of taking the Packers into the end zone, he threw an interception straight into the arms of Chicago’s Brian Urlacher.
Mr. Urlacher appeared ready to rumble for a touchdown, but Mr. Rodgers managed to get an angle and undercut the linebacker at midfield, keeping Chicago off the scoreboard.  It was the kind of scruffy backyard play that an old Packers quarterback would have admired. But this is a different kind of Green Bay leader, and a different kind of Green Bay."

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