Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Recruit Chris Martin Transferring From Cal

From the Daily Cal:

Chris Martin, one of the top recruits from Cal's 2010 signing class, has announced his intention to transfer out due to "distractions."  The Oakland native, rated as a five-star defensive end by Rivals.com, and was expected to log significant playing time in the Bears' 3-4 defense - likely converting to outside linebacker.  "My decision to transfer definitely does not reflect on the football program or the academics at Cal," he said in a press release. "Rather, I feel like for me to focus and truly reach my potential I need to leave many of the distractions I have here at home in the Bay Area.  "I need to venture away from home and start my college career somewhere else where I don't have those distractions."  Martin played for three seasons at Oakland's Bishop O'Dowd High School, but spent his senior year at Grandview High in Aurora, Colo. In a Denver Post article last September, he attributed his departure to "bad blood" with the coach, as well as people who "didn't have his best interest in mind" entering his social circle.

He has not yet disclosed which school he will be transferring to.  The 6-foot-5 defensive end had previously committed to Notre Dame, but reneged after former coach Charlie Weis' firing last November. Along with safety/wide receiver Keenan Allen, Martin's commitment signaled the first time in program history that Cal had inked two five-star recruits in the same year. The haul, which also included four-star defensive standouts such Gabe King and Chris McCain, buoyed Cal's class to No. 11 in the nation.


Blogger note: Good riddance to the little prima donna. 


Unknown said...

Pretty harsh comment, even if you have insider info to confirm what you are saying. He seemed to be excited to be a Bear and recruited other players to join him. I wish him well, even if he is in fact a prima donna. We as Cal fans should rise above name calling.

Dave said...

Backstabbing your highschool coach is pretty harsh as well.

Anonymous said...

the kid said he always hated cal and never wanted to play there, but his mom made him promise that he would, if the notre dame thing didn't work out. that's the only reason he came to cal. the whole "i'm going to be cal's biggest recruiter" thing was a joke. this guy's heart was never in it. we don't need that on this team. if he's got off-field issues, too, i feel sorry for him for that, but this is better for both him, and cal. tedford must be pissed, but he's too classy to show it. my money is on this guy going back to notre dame. their coach probably poached him. he stabbed his own cincy team in the back. it wouldn't surprise me. if it's true, i hope they investigate.

Anonymous said...

Kid has played at two High Schools and de-committed from two Colleges... and has yet to play a down.

Sounds like a head case.

Anonymous said...

The Kid is smarter than all you posers, he knows that Florida is not only the best football program in the country but also the best place to live period.

Unknown said...

Obviously no one wants a player who is not committed, so it is a good thing Martin is transferring out.

The name calling is a bit much. Dude's got some issues that make it pretty clear Cal isn't the place for him. So what? He's just a kid. Let's be cool.