Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shelbyville Times-Gazette: Golden State?

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By Danny Parker

There's a popular saying, "It's a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there."  After spending a couple days in the Bay Area for the UT-Cal game, I can't even imagine why anyone would even want to visit. As my neverending flight soared over square mile after square mile with hardly a speck of anything green, I realized that this was not going to be as fun a trip as friends made it out to be.  Cal has a wonderful football team with some extraordinary athletes. They should be thankful they have Jeff Tedford as a head coach, otherwise I can't really see why a prep gridiron star would want to go there.  Yes, they do play in a BCS conference in the PAC-10. And, yes they are on national television a decent amount. But, the campus is hardly player and family friendly.  On our way to the game, we were constanly wondering if we were heading in the right direction as we didn't see one fan wearing the Bears' colors, not one Cal decal or one kid sporting a DeSean Jackson jersey. However, I did notice a sign that read, '104.1 FM-End Imperialism.'

The stadium is not easy to get in and out of as it rests, as many of the homes in that area do, in the side of a hill. The lights that rested on four mobile units created a glow that didn't come close to that of Franklin County High School. Those units paired up with countless port-o-potties to create a bottle neck of fans trying to get in to see the game that would have caused any claustrophobic to go insane.  Maybe the education for Cal is worth just that much after their football days are done.

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Anonymous said...

You weren't in Shelbyville there for a bit, Danny-boy. Gollee, Sgt. Carter! Oh, and student-athletes like the education they get at Cal, the best public university in the world.