Monday, September 10, 2007

San Jose Mercury News: The Heisman Trophy race: How Cal's DeSean Jackson stacks up

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By Jon Wilner

Welcome to a new weekly Hotline feature examining the Heisman chances of Cal receiver/returner DeSean Jackson. I’ll have something posted each Sunday/Monday as long as Jackson remains a viable candidate. And two weeks into the season — preposterously early, I know, but that’s what blogs are all about — Jackson is more than a viable candidate: He’s one of the frontrunners.  Jackson was a second-tier candidate entering the season but vaulted into the top group with his 77-yard, how’d-he-do-that punt return against Tennessee on the ABC prime-time broadcast. Then, although few people saw it because the game was on College Sports TV, Jackson struck again Saturday with a 73-yard touchdown on a reverse. Two long touchdowns in two games for a top-10 team have him squarely in the race. And that’s not just my opinion. I checked with a Heisman voter today, just to make sure I wasn’t off base. This longtime (and highly astute) college football writer said that, early as it may be, Jackson and Louisville’s Brian Brohm would be at the top of his list. So here’s a look at the current candidates:



Cal receiver/returner DeSean Jackson

Last week: Caught five passes against Colorado State and scored on a 73-yard reverse.

This week: vs. Louisiana Tech.

Season to date: Two touchdowns in two games, both longer than 70 yards. Averaging 142 all-purpose yards per game.

How he stacks up: Candidacy might depend on how often teams punt to him. Breaking the NCAA career record for punt return touchdowns — it’s eight; he has six — would be a huge boost.

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