Friday, September 07, 2007

San Jose Mercury: Cal, SJSU officials in talks about renewing football series

By Jon Wilner

The Spartans and Bears haven’t met since 1996, but they used to play each other all the time. Now, Dick Tomey and Jeff Tedford are trying to re-start the series.  Tomey told me Wednesday that after he was hired (winter of 2004), he approached Tedford about getting the Spartans on Cal’s schedule.  “We’d like to play you guys,” Tomey said.  “We should play,” Tedford responded.  With the head coaches having given the go-ahead, athletic department officials from both schools are trying to make it work. Because of scheduling commitments, the earliest the teams could meet would be 2010, Tomey said. “We tried to play next year, but we couldn’t get the date,” Tomey said.

SJSU’s schedule is more flexible because the Spartans have four non-conference openings dates, the Bears only three (Pac-10 teams play nine conference games). Increasing the possibility of a Cal-SJSU series is that Spartans athletic director Tom Bowen used to work at Cal and has a good relationship with Cal boss Sandy Barbour. Again, nothing is official, and we don’t know how many the games will be in the contract — although you can be pretty sure all the games will be at Cal.

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