Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Daily Cal: Lavelle "The Hawk" Hawkins: Under the Radar

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BY Gerald Nicdao

There is no argument that DeSean Jackson gets all the attention on the No. 8 Cal football team.  But why not? In two games Jackson has shown his dynamic ability, scoring touchdowns on a 77-yard punt return and a 73-yard reverse.  What people may not know is that, Jackson, who prides himself as the star wide receiver, doesn’t lead the team in catches or receiving yards.  Lavelle Hawkins does. After two games, The Hawk has 12 catches for 133 yards.  Hawkins talks to the Daily Cal about what it means to play second fiddle to Jackson and gives his insight on a few other things.  

Gerald Nicdao: After two games you have more catches and receiving yards than Jackson. How did that happen?

Lavelle Hawkins: I feel that it’s really just luck. I’m just the guy that is lucky enough to be in the right position to make those plays.


GN: Given that you’re statistically the team’s top receiver, do you feel at all slighted by the fact that everyone talks about Jackson, but not about you?

LH: Listen. It’s all about DeSean, right? That keeps all the attention off me so that I can make plays under the radar. Keep on giving DeSean all the love. That’s fine with me.


GN: But what happens when you keep making plays? Do you think defenses will start paying you more respect?

LH: I’m going to continue to make plays, but I’m going to make sure DeSean makes some plays too. DeSean is going to always make plays because he’s a great athlete. They’re always going to be focused on DeSean—and that’s the great thing.


GN: So where does your nickname “The Hawk” come from?

LH: It really comes from my last name, Hawkins. When you shorten it up, it’s just Hawk—but then I put “The” in it to make it “The Hawk.”


GN: Do your partners in crime, Jackson and Robert Jordan, have any nicknames?

LH: Rob is R-Jizzle and DeSean is D-Jack or the Jackrabbit.


GN: LSU coach Les Miles didn’t have any kind words about the Pac-10 before the season started. What would you say to Miles after that win you guys scored over Tennessee?

LH: I would just say that that was kind of disrespectful. Football is football. I don’t feel like they’re any faster or stronger than we are. They have a lot of good teams out there, but we have a lot of good teams out here too. I just feel like he disrespected all of us. We knew that coming into that game that we had to handle our business and I’m glad we did that.


GN: So, which team is better—USC or the Tigers?

LH: First of all, we’re the best. Then behind us, it’s got to be USC. After USC, then I’d probably have to give it to Oklahoma. Oklahoma put a whoopin’ on Miami on Saturday. After Oklahoma, then it’s LSU. They’re the fourth best team in the nation.


GN: So Les Miles was mistaken?

LH: Exactly. He was mistaken.


GN: You’re doing kick returns for the team now. Do you feel like you have to take the ball to the house since DeSean can do it returning punts?

LH: Exactly. I do. DeSean and I compete all day long. In everything that we do, we compete. He already has a punt return on me. I’ve tried to take a kick return back, but it hasn’t worked out yet. But I’m going to get one though.


GN: But do you still think that DeSean is the best?

LH: The best in what? I don’t think he’s the best. He’s good. I’m the best, if you want to know the truth. He’s a great player, he’s a great athlete, but I’m the best. But just try to keep that under the radar. I want all the attention to go to him.


GN: You don’t have to worry about that. DeSean’s got his website.



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I think Gerald is bad for America.

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I read this earlier, thinking how hard it would be for Hawk to return a kick. I guess I was wrong.