Wednesday, September 05, 2007

CBS Sportsline: Colorado State to Kick to Desean Jackson

Here is the link.

By Dennis Dodd:

Sonny Lubick was coy. Either that or high.   "Well, we'll probably punt to him," Colorado State's coach said of Cal's DeSean Jackson. That's what most of you would like to see. The fans come and pay. I don't want you booing if we punt it out of bounds."  Lubick was the second of his kind in as many weeks to say he would punt to Jackson. Tennessee's Phil Fulmer made that mistake last week and got burned by a 77-yard punt return by Cal's All-American.  Jackson has six career returns for touchdowns on only 27 returns. The career record is held by both Texas Tech's Wes Welker and Oklahoma's Antonio Perkins (eight each).  It took Welker 152 career returns. Perkins got his eight in 113. At his current pace, Jackson would break the career record by his 41st return.  If he ever gets that far. No offense Sonny, but coaches have to be stupid to punt a ball anywhere near Jackson for the remainder of his career.

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