Tuesday, September 04, 2007

AP Poll has Cal Ranked Tenth

Here’s is the link.


1. USC (59) 1-0 1,619

 2. LSU (5) 1-0 1,542

 3. West Virginia (1) 1-0 1,449

 4. Florida 1-0 1,346

 5. Oklahoma 1-0 1,275

 5. Wisconsin 1-0 1,275

 7. Texas 1-0 1,221

 8. Louisville 1-0 1,152

 9. Virginia Tech 1-0 1,085

10. California 1-0 1,080


Anonymous said...

Love that we're in the 10, and love that we jumped Ohio State to get there.

Also noteworthy on the espn site: Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach both have Cal projected to play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

We win out, we're there or better!

Anonymous said...

On Bearinsider many are complaining that Cal should be ranked higher- even higher than Texas who struggled with a lousy opponent.

What Cal fans don't realize is that no one cares about us - we have few fans nationwide. I recently saw on a website - the numbers of people claiming to be fans of different schools. We may be ranked 10th but in fan support we were about 25 or so. Texas had 8 times as many fans posting and Notre Dame 12 times as many.

Cal fans are content to do their supporting in the Bay Area while other school's fans go for national appeal.

By the way Bearinsider has banned people for criticizing Braun as coach. If you read it and wonder why so many seem to support him- its cause the others have been kicked off.